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            Fujian Longyan Longhua Chemical Co.,Ltd 
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            about us

                Longyan Longhua Chemical Co.,Ltd founded in 1970, is located in Yangcheng Village of Longyan City. It was reformed from original Longyan Chemical Plant. As a chlor-alkali and fine chemical enterprise, our company provides basic chemical materials for light textile, metallurgy, paper-making, chemical, food and plastic industry. Our company covers an area of 600mu. Currently, we have over 600 employees, and 100 of them are professional technical person. In addition, our company is equipped with hazardous chemical substance used railway line. It is largest chemical production base and top 30 enterprises in western Fujian                More

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            contact us
            Fujian Longyan Longhua Chemical Co.,Ltd.

            Add: No.H-2, Yangcheng Village, Yanshi Town, Xinluo District, Longyan City, Fujian Province, China
            Tel: +86-597-3226281(Company office)
            Fax: +86-597-3226313
            URL: www.gzliming.net
            P.C.: 364002

            Sales Department
            Tel: +86-597-3226298

            Export Department
            Tel: +86-597-3226292
            Fax: +86-597-3226296
            E-mail: sell@fjlonghua.com
            Add: No.08, Cuiping Road, South City, Xinluo District, Longyan City, Fujian Province, China.
            P.C.: 364000


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